Sphinctal parasites were first discovered in 1985. This discovery was made by Dr. Johathan Smith. 


The eggs are usually white in color, or yellow, depending on the diet. These parasites usually start in the throat, but due to their dexterity, they can inhabit almost any part of the human body.

Symptoms Include:

Feeling light headed

Sore throat

Ear ache


Spotty vision

Mucus build up



These parasites burrow their eggs in the throat, and  multiply. They eventually spread to other parts. Like tape worms they eat what you eat

It can take a while for symptoms to appear, because there's only one parasite at first, but in time symptoms will appear.

Symptoms usually first appear where the parasite is. For example: You feel like your throat is closing, than the parasite is in your throat.

Unfortunately, they are dificult to detect, it can usually be passed off as an infection or common cold. 

Since they are rare, many medical professionals don't know about these creatures.

These are rarely fatal, but can cause long-term side effects if left untreated.

They can't be killed at home, you have to seek medical personell for it to be properly treated. Afterward you will take a series of medication to get rid of any eggs

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