Laboratory-grown organs

Tissues[edit | edit source]

Tendons[edit | edit source]

October 2013 - world-first Trial for Tendon Repair Using Tendon Stem Cells Published in the Prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine.[1]

March 2015 - an injection of a patient's bone marrow stem cells during rotator cuff surgery significantly improved healing and tendon durability, according to a study presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).[2]

Oldest news
  • March 2011 - UK Stem Cell Company Cures Race Horse Tendons, Humans Next.[3]

Cartilage[edit | edit source]

April 2014 - researchers at Columbia Engineering announced today that they have successfully grown fully functional human cartilage in vitro from human stem cells derived from fat tissue.[4]

April 2015 - Dutch scientists develop 3D printed fiber structures for bone cartilage repair on a large scale.[5]

Note: in adulthood, the biological triggers that tell cartilage to regenerate are turned off.[6]

Tooth[edit | edit source]

Growing tooth tissue

July 2010 - A gel that can help decayed teeth grow back in just weeks may mean an end to fillings. The gel, which is being developed by scientists in France, works by prompting cells in teeth to start multiplying. They then form healthy new tooth tissue that gradually replaces what has been lost to decay.[7]

August 2011 - The team - a collaboration between dentists, chemists and bio-chemists - has produced a compound that temporarily fills small cavities and allows the tooth's enamel to re-grow. "This may sound too good to be true, but we are essentially helping acid-damaged teeth to regenerate themselves. It is a totally natural non-surgical repair process and is entirely pain-free too," said Professor Jennifer Kirkham, from the University of Leeds Dental Institute, who led the research team.[8]

May 2014 - A Harvard-led team just successfully used low-powered lasers to activate stem cells and stimulate the growth of teeth in rats and human dental tissue in a lab.[9][10][11]

Growing entire teeth

July 2011 - A tooth grown from embryonic cells has been successfully transplanted into the jaw of a mouse. The transplant is a step towards providing artificial replacements for donor organs that are in short supply.[12]

July 2013 - A team from the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health reveals how they used urine stem cells to grow teeth in mice.[13]

Organs[edit | edit source]

Heart[edit | edit source]

2009 - The rat hearts beat just as if there were inside a live animal, but even more remarkable is how each one has been made: by coating the stripped-down “scaffolding” of one rat’s heart with tissue grown from another rat’s stem cells.[14]

Kidney[edit | edit source]

2013 - For the first time, complete lab-grown kidneys have been successfully transplanted into rats, filtering and discharging urine as a normal kidney would.[15]

Body parts[edit | edit source]

Urinary bladder[edit | edit source]

April 2006 - US scientists have successfully implanted bladders grown in the laboratory from patients' own cells into people with bladder disease.[16]

Vagina[edit | edit source]

2008 - Doctors implanted an organ made from the unnamed patient’s own cells into her body in October 2008. ‘I feel very fortunate because I can have a normal life,’ she said.[17]

April 2011 - researchers have grown vaginas in a lab, and the organs are working normally in four teenage patients who were among the first people to receive such an implant, scientists reported today.[18]

May 2014 - woman born without a vagina has one made using skin from her THIGH.[19]

Urethra[edit | edit source]

November 2008 - A Colombian woman has become the world’s first recipient of windpipe tissue constructed from a combination of donated tissue and her own cells.[20]

March 2011 - the world's first tissue-engineered urinary tubes or urethras, grown in the lab using patients' own cells, have been hailed a success by medical experts. US surgeons have used the lab-grown tubes to treat five Mexican boys with damaged urinary tracts.[21]

Trachea[edit | edit source]

January 2013 - first U.S. Patient Gets Stem Cell Trachea Transplant.[22][23]

Arms[edit | edit source]

June 2015 - World’s first biolimb: Rat forelimb grown in the lab.[24][25]

Blood vessels[edit | edit source]

2011 - Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer.[26]

2015 - Researchers have developed artificial blood vessels made from a special elastomer material, which has excellent mechanical properties. Over time, these artificial blood vessels are replaced by endogenous material. At the end of this restorative process, a natural, fully functional vessel is once again in place. The method has already been used successfully in rats.[27]

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